Polymer Seating at Full Capacity

In 1 on March 22, 2009 at 10:57 pm

Thank you for the great interest in this video program! The Hunter space provides 130 seats. We can no longer guarantee seating will be available for walk-ins. The following list of individuals have registered as guests or confirmed with yes on Facebook and will be given guaranteed seating. note: Guest list seating will be forfeited at 6:15 and any no shows/unclaimed seats will become available to those waiting (on a first come first serve basis).

Don’t forget to join us at 8pm for BLUFF/POSEIDON, a sound performance with artists: Patrick Deguira, Greg Pond, Jason Lee Wilson. This event is free and open to the public and accessible at Hunter Museum of American Art breezeway.

Questions or comments: info@seed-2005.com or adera.causey@huntermuseum.org

Current Polymer Guest List:
Abbie Tilley
Adam Trowbridge
Alyssa Fryar
Amanda Brooks
Andrea Hamilton
Andy Montgomery
Ange Roth
Angela Ditmar
Anthony Mitchell
Ashley Sue Leinbach
Ben Joyne
Beth Joseph
Betsy Groves
Bob Dombrowski
Brad McAllister
Brandon Buckner
Carrie Pendergrass
Chrissie Jackson
Christopher Conn
Cortney Johnson
Curtis Dean
Dan Zachar
Daniel Sutherland
Dave Castaneda
David Scott Ayers
David Seeber
Dawn Dickins
Drew B Meyer
e. bridges iii
eff Atkins
Elana Brooks
Elena Nikolaeva
Elizabeth Brooks
Elizabeth Miller
ellen anzalone
Eric Miralles
Eric Peterson
Erika Abercrombie
Erin Noseworthy
Grace Kim
Greg Pond
Heather Watts
Heidi Vasterling
Hilda Bestawros
James McKissic
Jamie Watts
Jared the hippy
Jason Brooks
Jason Lee Wilson
Jay Miller
Jeff Atkins
Jen Ponder
Jenne Howerton Mowry
Jessi Joy Walker
Jessi Reed
Jessi Walker
Jessica Langston
Jessie Bailey
JJ Johnson
John L. Jackson
John Roark
John Tallman
Josh McManus
Julie Lewis
Julie Tomblin Lewis
Karen Rudy Rudolph
Karl Schuler
Kate Mirandy
Katie Kasch
Katrina Beets Craven
Kaycie Hollier
Keith Gipson
Kelly Haskew
Kevin Corbett Hill
Lane Turbeville
leah goodson
Lillie Somerfield
Mandy Rhoden
Marc Oyer
Marilyn Harrison
Mark Bradley-Shoup
Mary Barnett
Mary Frank
Mary Hanrahan
Mary Helen Robert
Matt Davis
Matt Greenwell
McKinley Bryson
Megan Hollenbeck
Melinda Owens
Michael Dickins
Michael Jenkins
michael johnson
Michael Mahaffey
Michelle Melton
Natalie Ann
Neha Naik
Nolan McGuire
Onsy Bestawros
Patrick DeGuira
Paul Ashey
Peggy Petrey
Peggy Wood Townsend
Phillip Allen
Rachel White
Rich Abercrombie
Robin Seaman
Ron Buffington
Ryan Carl
Sandie Walker
Sara Rouse
Sarah Kyle
Stephen Wyatt Bush
Steven Disbrow
Steven Sewell
Strat Parrott
Susan Stagmaier
Tara Harris
Theresa Liedtka
Thomas Dean Perry
TJ Bowman
Vanessa Parks


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